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The competitive sport of alpine skiing fascinates me so much because a fusion of physical and mental fitness, as well as individual material adaptation are crucial!

Sascha Daniel Sorio

Coach U16


Trainer Stf. 3rd level Ski Alpine,

22 years ski instructor at Kronplatz

Has worked for the KRC since 2018

Profession: master potter

Experience: Army sports group ski, national team 2 years, specialized in the children's area FIS, European Cup and World Cup

Experience abroad in Austria and Germany with BSV and DSV, private coach European runner DSV, stay in New Zealand for 5 years of summer training





Born: on 16.06.1977 Bolzano ITALY

Lives in  St. Lorenzen South Tyrol ITALY





Enthusiastic skier! In my free time I go surfing or cycling.

I also like to do a motorcycle tour in the beautiful surroundings of the Dolomites!


As a coach, I feel it is a privilege to pass on my experience to the youth, to push them to their limits and to get the best out of them. They often not only go to their physical limits, but above all mentally, which entails an enormous personal development. Going this way together with them enriches my experience and is a lot of fun!

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